Must See- Once I Was a Beehive

Last night was a rare night for me. For nearly two hours I forgot about emails, I forgot about assignments, I forgot about all the day-to-day frustrations of life–  Because for nearly two hours I was too busy laughing and crying to even be able to think about them. I owe that break to the movie Once I Was a Beehive.Once I Was A Beehive FB Cover FINALThis movie is brilliantly written. The humor is actually funny (not some overworked formula or shock humor). The opposite happens as well. I cried because it touched true emotions. And amazingly, the timing between the two (laughing and crying) was directed/edited with such phenomenal timing that I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the phenomenal ride.

In the current world of re-packaged, formulaic, repeat copy after copy of the same idea movies, Once I Was a Beehive stands out as a “must see” movie.

Once I was a Beehive is showing this weekend at the Laie Palms Cinema. If you can’t find it at a theater near you, contact your theater manager and ask them to get it. You’ll be glad you did. Then you too can spend two hours laughing and crying, instead of thinking about everything else going on in your life.